Been A While…

I apologize to anyone who happens along and reads this. I haven’t posted for quite a long time. The reason is because of my health. My Crohns’ has been flaring more and more often and my fistulas are getting worse. I’m trying to get paperwork together so I can apply for Medicaid or some other financial support so that I can have surgery to get the fistulas,etc. taken care of.

I need your thoughts and prayers regarding this matter. I also ask that you pray for my Aunt Randine Johnson and her family. Randine is basically “on her death bed”. She has cancer. Her husband Herbert suffers from Alzheimer’s also. When she passes, the family will have to make some VERY hard decisions!

Well it’ll probably be a while before I post to this blog again unless I have something important to watch myself type. I only know of one or two people who have actually read any of these posts. I think it’s more self-help therapy than anything else. Kind of like talking to yourself only it doesn’t feel quite as weird this way for some reason.

Anyway, check out my other blog


About jcfreak6363

Hello everyone. My name is Vince Johnson. Just your average, ordinary person, with one extraordinary exception…My soul has been saved by the glorious grace of Jesus Christ!
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